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Pangzi's Xlog

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About Me

Programmer, architect, currently at Ant Group, with previous experience in e-commerce and foreign companies.

Dropped out of high school and entered the industry relatively early. I enjoy the feeling of using code and technology to solve problems. However, team management and system architecture work account for a larger proportion in my job.

I am skilled in high-performance applications and data intelligence applications in terms of application direction. In terms of business direction, I have rich experience in finance and internet practices. I have some in-depth practical summaries to share in the banking and e-commerce fields.

Currently in Hangzhou and Chengdu, I enjoy cycling and I like Lake Tears and Gunflower. I don't have many other hobbies.

I enjoy the feeling of creating value and hope to create my own company in the future or join a company that needs me more. This is my goal for self-improvement. I have written a simple experience review here.

Personal Blog is done with a friend, writing some words together. It also improves my writing skills. I will share technology and some insights here. Feel free to leave a message for communication. You can contact me at

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