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Principle: Make a "clear-cut" bet

I still hope to have a bit of a gambling nature, especially when looking back on experiences, rather than being too cautious and conservative. "Gambling nature" is something I lack greatly, and at this stage, it is a "compliment" to me.

Gambling involves both parties facing the unknown on their respective sides, making incomplete assertions. If there is full certainty, then it's not gambling but investing.

Therefore, in gambling, the information from the opposing side is always unclear and the behavior is uncontrollable, which is normal. However, the information on our side should be clear, and the behavior should be controllable.

It is necessary to clearly answer: with what stakes are we gambling on what goal? In uncertainty, what is the best performance we can achieve on our side?

The stakes can be completely lost, so in conjunction with the goal, greed should be prevented. Furthermore, betting is just the beginning, not a guarantee of success; information, feedback, and behavioral plans should all be managed and arranged during the process.

If unable to answer the above questions, unable to achieve clarity on one side, or if the answers to the above questions are unacceptable, then in principle, one should stop.

Additionally, another principle to consider is that the stakes for a single gamble should not exceed 5000, and there should not be more than 2 gambling instances in a 2-month period.

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