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New Year's Eve Ramblings

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  • The importance of traffic channels is decreasing, and the content itself is becoming more important. Various platforms are mature, and there have been no breakthrough changes in content media. The platforms have already provided good dissemination and conversion capabilities (recently, Vision Pro should be a breakthrough medium). In the content industry, the core assets of the former entrepreneurs were independent community apps, but now the core results of content creators are individual accounts/channels. However, Xiaohongshu has brought about new changes, where a good article from an amateur account can also gain exposure and continuous search exposure conversion (similar to the digital strategy posts in Tieba in previous years, it feels like there is potential).

  • Own traffic channels (channels, Weibo, communities) can still be built, but there has been no profitable model yet, although there seems to be some hope. There are still optimization items that have not been completed for the existing product form, and there are still unfinished TODOs. However, producing high-quality content is key, and currently, a good method has not been found. The mini-program has been online for a month, and users are about to reach the threshold for placing WeChat ads, so I'm preparing to see the results.

  • "Find a target KOL, deconstruct them as a product, and replicate them with technology." This idea is quite interesting, and it can be said that last year's practice was basically successful, but the selected KOL had a low ceiling and an average track. In this path, the digital, automotive, and gaming industries currently feel like better tracks.

Prepare to deconstruct profitable own channels.

  • The concept of super individuals is an interesting direction, but it is difficult to build a large platform. However, platforms provide individuals with the opportunity to become super individuals. In the words of Baiya: "(Starting a platform) has fewer entrepreneurial opportunities, but there are more business opportunities."

  • There should be many opportunities in the traditional offline buying and selling process, finding a category with a large difference between the terminal price and the exit price, where both the channel and marketing itself have value.

  • Even in a booming industry, the Pareto principle still applies, and profitability still lies within the top 20%. Industries where "even novices can make money" require early entry, taking advantage of the right timing and circumstances.

  • Large models are exciting but also cause anxiety because good scenarios have not been found. There is a feeling in the information and content scenes. On the positive side, AI can reshape the way information is obtained, especially during the explosion of low-quality information, accurately finding and explaining valuable information is something I have always wanted to do. On the negative side, AI can also join the era of self-media, creating more entertaining and emotional flow content (I still can't understand why there are so many audiences for the low-quality emotional content on Toutiao; I am also interested in game entertainment content, but it is currently beyond my skill set).

  • Value and human nature sometimes stand in opposition: high-value things may go against human nature, while valueless things go along with human nature. An article with value, no matter how simplified or helped with understanding and input by AI, is uncomfortable for some people and they are unwilling to pay for it. On the other hand, the low-quality emotional information on Toutiao has no value but is more in line with human nature and easier to monetize.

  • The knowledge anxiety market has been completely missed. Five years ago, everyone wanted upward mobility, and learning successful skills was a hot topic. The wave of online courses should continue. Now that the economy is not developing, most people also want to lie down, so there may not be as much demand for knowledge anxiety. However, the desire to make money should always exist.

  • The current technological manufacturing capabilities are overflowing. There are many powerful experts in the community who can join forces. However, there are few people with product ideas. I admire a frontend expert who has made several products. When I looked at the number of users, it was even fewer than my mediocre product ideas, but his technical skills are impressive. In the future, there is a greater need for people who can perceive customer needs.

  • Upholding values and respecting trends are two different things. Currently, I see some opportunities for HW&HM to create an ecosystem by taking advantage of trends.

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