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Pangzi's Xlog

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Management is paying more attention to what they don't do and what they need.

I started working in technical management not long ago, and I managed an independent department quite early on. However, in my previous management experience, I always focused on my strengths and how to use them to lead the team. My ability as a full-stack developer has made me naturally inclined to control everything from goals to tasks.

Lately, I have been paying more attention to what I "cannot do," due to both capability and energy reasons. I am increasingly aware of what I am not good at.

As a result, I can clearly see what I need my next-line TL to help me with. I can clearly articulate the requirements and expectations for the next two levels below me, allowing their work to unfold with clearer goals.

It's a wonderful experience, as the scope of my work has expanded.

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