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2024 Plan

Inspired by a friend, I also made a New Year family plan, excluding work-related matters.

  • Sell two properties
    One is a normal asset, and the other is a worthless non-performing asset.

    The first property was originally planned to be sold last year, but it was delayed by the tenant. If it had been sold last year, it could have fetched more than 600,000 yuan. Let's try to sell it during the first half of this year. Currently, various short-term indicators suggest that the demand side of this city is very sluggish, and the long-term variable of population inflow is not very optimistic either. I have set the selling point, and I will ask my family members to execute it.

  • Control expenses, cancel car purchase plan
    After organizing the family's balance sheet, I decided to adjust the asset sheet this year. The car I bought for my family two years ago is still usable. It cost over 400,000 yuan when I bought it, and now it has depreciated and incurred expenses of around 150,000 yuan. Cars are really consumables. I've been thinking about the Xiaomi SU7, but I'll wait until next year.
    Besides the car, I will control expenses this year and use the extra money to optimize the balance sheet. I hope to generate xx thousand yuan in income through asset and liability optimization.

  • Profit from mini programs
    At the end of last year, I made a push and launched a mini program. The goal is not high.
    (1) I hope to sell traffic for 500 yuan per month first, as traffic is not valuable.
    (2) Whether I can sell content is uncertain, but the income from this area is much higher, although there is an issue of energy. The minimum goal is to make the current traffic model work smoothly, and the significance of achieving this in the first half of the year is greater than the revenue.
    (3) Then, it's about attracting traffic and guiding purchases, which was planned before. I don't have the energy to do it, but I still want to try it at a low cost.

  • Partnership for physical stores
    I have high hopes for Ruixing/Kudi and want to open a store in partnership with two friends. Location is key, and the information accumulated in this area may be somewhat useful. I also plan to talk to at least three friends with relevant experience. They have friends who are doing well in this field, so I will talk to them first.

  • Experiment with entertainment content

    Not only focusing on valuable information and interest communities, but also catering to people's emotions through entertainment content. Especially today, Sora has given me a lot of confidence. I will see if PYM has any new ideas in this area. Additionally, I will continue to pay attention to opportunities in the automotive content sector.

  • Attempt at overseas e-commerce
    I don't want to set a big goal, but I want to establish a process of selling domestic goods to Southeast Asia and Europe and America.
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